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Building training capacity drives LiveWIRE Nigeria's national expansion

LiveWIRE Nigeria has recruited and trained 34 lead trainers to enable the programme to expand nationally. A special two day 'Train the Trainer' programme was held for the new trainers, representing 17 training organisations from the states of Rivers, Delta, Lagos and Federal Capital Territory.

Up to now, the LiveWIRE Nigeria programme has only been available within the Niger Delta, however in response to the overwhelming demand from young people outside the region, the decision has been taken to deliver the programme nationally during 2014.

In addition to facilitating the national expansion of the LiveWIRE Nigeria programme, the training enabled the participants to understand and buy into the Shell LiveWIRE v2 approach to enterprise development, including using Shell LiveWIRE's 'Value Chain Briefings' which support young entrepreneurs to align their business model to take up opportunities in the various value chains of Nigeria's growing economic sectors, namely: agriculture; manufacturing; oil and gas; retail and wholesale; and telecommunications.

Delivered in Port Harcourt by Karen Bellis and Dr Dawn Cranswick of the Shell LiveWIRE International team at PNE, with support from the LiveWIRE Nigeria team, the 'Train the Trainer' course introduced Shell LiveWIRE v2 using various exercises and examples. The training comprised numerous activities to encourage participation and maximise learning including: SWOT analysis; Q&A sessions; group discussions; experiential training techniques; role play; short presentations on value chain identification; tips on facilitation; and, participatory learning techniques.

As a result of the training the LiveWIRE Nigeria trainers will play a key role in providing budding young entrepreneurs across the country with access to the essential business knowledge and customised support they need to transform their enterprising ideas into viable and sustainable growing businesses that create employment.

The training was well received by the participants, whose comments included:

"I better understand why businesses fail: lack of a comprehensive business plan; lack of a business continuity initiative (sustainability); and, lack of a value chain idea.”

"I appreciate the creative atmosphere in which everyone was involved in sharing their different ideas in the value chain.”

Emmanuel Anyim, Head of Social Performance, Shell Nigeria, said, "The LiveWIRE 'Train the Trainer' course holds the key to the success of future LiveWIRE programmes, especially the v2 which seeks to leverage on the value chain of the top five sectors contributing to the nation's GDP.”

Karen Bellis of the Shell LiveWIRE International team at PNE said, "The 'Train the Trainer' workshop enabled the best trainers from 17 organisations to develop an excellent understanding and buy-in to Shell LiveWIRE v2.

This will enable many more young people across the country to access the support they need to start and grow businesses which will create employment and contribute to the country's economic growth.” 

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